Heim is an upcoming solo game project - a puzzle adventure set in a mystical world inspired by Norse mythology.

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Take a peek into a selection of my work as a game developer. I'm especially interested in game design, level design and worldbuilding. Programming since age 12.

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Dev Blog

A handful of blog posts on my personal game development experiences.

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Hello, my name is Tom Ryckeboer. I am a Belgian game developer and programmer with a great interest for game design, level design and worldbuilding.
I dabble in various parts of the craft – not only the “art of programming“, but also game design, game/pixel art, 3D modelingmusic (creating game soundtracks and playing numerous instruments), acting and writing (fantasy, sci-fi, storywriting and world building). I revel in coming up with fun gameplay mechanics, creating fictional languages, determining the laws that govern a fictional world and creating rich lore to give that world a fantastical texture.

From 2015 to 2018, I studied Digital Arts & Entertainment (Game Development Major) at Howest Kortrijk, in Belgium.
This site hosts my virtual portfolio, where I collect all the creative things I’ve done that I think are worth sharing. Hope you like what you see around here! For any questions or comments, feel free to comment on my posts or contact me.