Heim is an indie puzzle adventure game inspired by Norse mythology. An unexpected visitor turns Ashyr’s homelife upside down, bringing him into a mystical adventure that takes him to far-off places and different worlds. Use your wits and acquire magical abilities to regain your home!

Travel from world to world to discover ancient magicks sealed within runes: harnessing runic magic grants Ashyr various abilities, from seeing the memories of the past unfold before his very eyes, to moving objects without even touching them. Ashyr wields no weapons or armour, but overcomes obstacles with his magic flute. His adventure sees Ashyr sail the endless seas, discover the secrets of a shattered world, delve in the misty realm of the dead, and seek out the gods themselves.

Discover secrets, collect lore scrolls and arcane remnants, and solve varied, unique puzzles in the divine realms of Heim!

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