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Title: V3G4S X1

Date: February 2010

Notes: Another platformer about a “program” called Vegas trying to save the cyberspace from a malevolant virus. He has the ability to freeze time, made for a “handheld” games competition from Yoyo Games. Perhaps a bit inspired by the Matrix movies? I think “puzzle platformer” would be too much praise, as there is little puzzling here, but there was an attempt.

Story: Most of it is explained above. In a crappy cutscene at the beginning, we see Vegas (I re-used that name from my first game) lose his parents to a virus, but he is able to escape because he becomes a “rogue program”, I guess, and is able to freeze time for a bit. This makes him able to jump higher, but fall slower while freezing time, allowing for some interesting stuff. Eventually he defeats all the virusses and rescues the cyberspace.


Title: Age of Time II: Age of Warfare

Date: April 2010

Notes: Technically a sequel to the original “Age of Time” (July 2009), but basically the same game with a load more features to make the experience slightly more interesting. There are a few more “missions”, 8 buildings instead of 4, 3 civilian types, resources and a “war” mechanic. You can train 10 soldiers at a tme and fight on battlefields for resources with a random chance of success. It does start to get bland after about 10 minutes.

Title: HIM

Date: April 2010

Notes: A very basic and short game based off a video I made with a friend of mine. The map is based on my own house and the monster, “Electrox”/”Him”, is based on the smoke monster from LOST.

Story: The idea here is that I had the Smoke Monster from LOST locked in my attic, because that is the best place to hide an evil monster. The monster gets unleashed, my house goes into lockdown (perhaps the attic should have gone into lockdown first of all?) and I get killed, damn. The monster then goes into the bathroom (maybe to get that smoke smell out) while my friend finds a gun beneath the couch and kills the monster in the bathroom. Because everyone knows bullets kill smoke. Also, my friend then kills himself. Now that’s true friendship.


Title: Ecape From Hell

Date: June 2010

Notes: A pretty simple platformer where you need to reach the top in under 10 minutes. In doing so (by jumping all the way up) you will get to heaven, which looks the same as hell, but white and without bats or spikes. It’s pretty enjoyable and reasonably difficult.

Story: So, either the Devil or God gives the player the chance to avoid eternal damnation if they hardcore parkour their way out of hell within ten minutes, allowing them to get into heaven. If you fail, fall or die, you suffer eternal damnation though. Until the game restarts.

Title: The Chronicles of Eraith

Date: June 2010

Notes: Another unfinished Eraith-game (I’m really not sure why I ever thought that was a good name for a main character). Many obvious references to the MMORPG Runescape (Goblins, Barbarians, Druids, Trading, Mining and Smithing, …). Looks quite terrible, and all human heads are horribly disfigured (how did I not see that back then?).

Story: Good question.


Title: Land of Endor

Date: October 2010

Notes:  I remember this being my main project for quite some time. If you thought “the Chronicles of Eraith” had a lot of Runescape references, you should have seen this game: medieval theme, barbarians, wizard’s tower, the Wilderness, a special dragon quest, trolls, elves, spirit trees, a pyramid, skills, a spellbook and inventory similar to Runescape’s, quests and SO. MUCH. MORE.

Runescape has been one of my biggest influences obviously; the sense of wonder I experienced when I explored its vast world as a child was very inspiring to me. Pretty basic and blocky, weird controls, … but at least it all functioned relatively well. Also features selfmade music (the second game to do so, “World Creation” (June 2009) actually had a simple piano theme that I recorded).

Story: There’s a lot here for story, since this was basically my first big attempt at world building. This was supposed to be a Runescape-like medieval RPG, although singleplayer, where you travelled the world, fought evil, gained experience in skills, and complete unique quests. The quest ideas weren’t all that bad, but they weren’t always original, and hardly ever well executed. Part of the problem lies in the nature of the game, though.

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