For more information about Heim, check out the game’s homepage! Heim is an action adventure game, and my first professional solo game project. After graduating as a game developer (Digital Arts & Entertainment)  at Howest Kortrijk, I decided that, instead of immediately looking for a job, I wanted to make a game of my very own, […]

Project Tundra

About Project Tundra Project Tundra (working title) is an atmospheric puzzle platformer, in which I served as both a gameplay programmer and, perhaps more vitally, the level designer. The game was developed with a team of six students as part of our “internship” – an alternative to working in an established company was to take part in […]

A Delicate Thread

Background I’ve been making music for a couple of years now. I have had a piano in my house for my entire life, but never really got anywhere with it until about two years ago. My first “game soundtrack” was a simple piano tune, and then I started getting into “composing” with Mario Paint Composer, […]