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Title: Soul Rip

Date: January 2011

Notes: One of my favourites. Was made for with the Playstation Vita in mind (I think). The ideas behind it still hold up pretty well today, though it could have been executed a lot better.Who knows, I might remake it some day. The plot was relatively decent but it remains unfinished. Had an interesting visual style.

Story: First decent story, in my opinion. In the story, the player loses his memory and needs to reassemble the parts of his soul by traveling inside his own soul. These different parts are represented by certain areas, which represent certain emotions (caves represent sadness, for example). The player has to fight all sorts of monsters to win the fight for his mind. There’s a nice plot point that was pretty well executed, in which it turns out the old man in the village is the werewolf terrorizing it.

Title: S.A.D. (Special Assassin Department)

Date: January 2011

Notes: A top-down shooter game, relatively difficult but very enjoyable nonetheless. Features one entire level and the beginning of the second one. The game was supposed to feature 3 playable characters with each three different weapons. There’s Jones (a Rambo type), Lloyd (the “heavy” tank) and Anna (a sneaky “ninja”), with the team nerd Riley on the sidelines. Interesting ideas. There was a problem with shooting in the right direction because I wasn’t aware of how sines and cosines worked at the time, but it was still very playable.

Story: It was basically a pretty mindless shooter, but was very fun nonetheless. From what I can see and remember, the plot was probably steering towards the team working to destroy a big corporation with bad intentions.


Title: Wars of the Raiders

Date: April 2011

Notes: Another top-down shooter based largely on “Future Cop: LAPD”, a 1998 Electronic Arts game that I played a lot as a child, and also inspired by FPS’s like Crysis and Call of Duty: Black Ops. Had one battlefield-map.

Title: Cylaic (original)

Date: May 2011

Notes: I chose the name “Cylaic” because I thought it sounded cool and original. I was wrong. Based on the turn-based role-playing game “Lord of the Rings: The Third Age” (2004)”, which itself was based on the Final Fantasy combat style. Also inspired by a fun indie turn-based combat game called “Doubloon”. I would later reuse the ideas for Cylaic – Return of the Olden Dragons/The Dream Weaver, like the Turtloxes (big turtle enemies) and the black dragon “Hukaii” (who was based on a cool toy I used to have) and the shadowfoxes. I would also start its development with turn-based combat, but it would later be dropped.

Story: There wasn’t a real story yet, only a handful of fights as I was testing out the combat system. It would probably have turned out to be a “kill the dragon” type of plot.


Title: Nyan Cat

Date: May 2011

Notes: A side-scrolling “avoid the asteroids” game based on the popular “Nyan Cat” meme. Probably one of the best graphics thus far (among my own games of course), but that’s because most of the sprites were premade/recreated. Pretty enjoyable. More asteroids appear as time goes by, and you can switch between simple (left image) and “advanced” (right image) graphics by scrolling the mouse wheel. A good game, but it could be expanded upon.

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