For more information about Heim, check out the game’s homepage! Heim is an action adventure game, and my first professional solo game project. After graduating as a game developer (Digital Arts & Entertainment)  at Howest Kortrijk, I decided that, instead of immediately looking for a job, I wanted to make a game of my very own, […]

Project Tundra

About Project Tundra Project Tundra (working title) is an atmospheric puzzle platformer, in which I served as both a gameplay programmer and, perhaps more vitally, the level designer. The game was developed with a team of six students as part of our “internship” – an alternative to working in an established company was to take part in […]

Audio Visualizer

An audio visualizer made with C++. I used Fmod as the audio library. The program can visualize audio through input like volume, frequency, pitch and beats per minute. You can download it by clicking the image below. What did I do? Dove deep into Fmod – sound loading, sound, pitch, DSP, … Created my own user […]

A Delicate Thread

Background I’ve been making music for a couple of years now. I have had a piano in my house for my entire life, but never really got anywhere with it until about two years ago. My first “game soundtrack” was a simple piano tune, and then I started getting into “composing” with Mario Paint Composer, […]