Lady of the Nile (2020)

“Lady of the Nile”, Tom Ryckeboer (2020)

Made a fun little sketch for a friend, based on Monet’s “Woman With A Parasol”. I usually sketch things from memory or imagination; this time I decided to use reference imagery to work on my sometimes questionable proportions and perspective. I used Monet’s painting as a basis, as well as looking up reference for the hippo’s head and “hands”.
I think the end result was a success, but I suppose it’s apparent that I’m not an artist by trade. The perspective of the parasol/umbrella is not exactly on point, and the shading could still use some work. Can’t expect to nail it all without practice.

Claude Monet ~ The Lady with the Umbrella | Artist monet, Claude ...
La Femme à l’ombrelle — Madame Monet et son fils“, Claude Monet (1875)

Older sketches (2015-2016)


The curved blade is based on an interesting mark I noticed on a tree. Bert Suffys, a friend and an artist, saw my design and decided to recreate it for his collection of low poly weaponry, be sure to check out his ArtStation page!