I’ve been making music for a couple of years now. I have had a piano in my house for my entire life, but never really got anywhere with it until about two years ago. My first “game soundtrack” was a simple piano tune, and then I started getting into “composing” with Mario Paint Composer, which was a nice way to start at a relatively young age (around 13). Eventually I got started with FL Studio and started making game soundtracks in there. I started playing the guitar around 2014 and the piano (with effort this time) around 2016, and have collected many instruments over time that I can’t necessarily play at the moment. I can definitely say that I’ve grown my musical skills to a point where I can shamelessly release music into the world, leading me to…

A Delicate Thread

After many game soundtracks and other experiments in composing, I decided it was time to release something, separate from game soundtracks: a standalone album, completely instrumental and created with FL Studio. Seven tracks about life, death, and wonder. Be sure to check them out above or visit the Soundcloud page or the Bandcamp page.

My philosophy in making this album was to just follow a certain feeling to create a specific mood – the context can be deciphered from the track titles. I decided that I would ignore those typical feelings of inferiority and inadequacy, and just release something. There’s no sense sitting on your eggs and waiting for them to turn gold, sometimes you just gotta put your stuff out there, even with the knowledge that it won’t ever be the best potential version of itself. I still like the end result, of course.