In my first year of DAE (Digital Arts & Entertainment) in Kortrijk, we had to (partly) recreate a platformer for our C++ programming courses to show off what we had managed to learn so far.

Seeing as I started my programming journey in Game Maker and often cruised the old Yoyogames site, I thought of Iji, a classic Game Maker platformer. This is my recreation, made with Visual C++ and using Fmod for audio. There are a few things missing due to time constraints, but it’s still nearly complete.

Technology involved

  • Visual Studio (C++)
    • Direct2D
    • Box2D

What did I do?

  • Recreated an entire level of a 2D platformer
  • Implemented audio with Fmod
  • Animated sprite sheets
  • Skilling & experience system
  • Platformer character
  • Enemies that can shoot and kick

Code snippet