The Curse of the Ninth

Peter Taylor stared at the scrap paper on his coffee-stained desk, as he attempted to keep his shaking hand, which equipped a nearly-depleted pen, steady. His left hand rested uneasily on the desktop, tapping the drum rhythm of the song he was trying to write. He didn’t feel like writing any more cheap, superficial rubbish […]


X1-Alpha A rig of the “X1-Alpha” mech from the 1998 EA game “Future Cop: LAPD”. The modeling is a bit rough, as the focus is on the skeleton rig and animation. X1-Alpha mech (from Future Cop: LAPD) by Tom Ryckeboer on Sketchfab Here is a gif of the full animation rendered in 3Ds Max (which […]


Lady of the Nile (2020) Made a fun little sketch for a friend, based on Monet’s “Woman With A Parasol”. I usually sketch things from memory or imagination; this time I decided to use reference imagery to work on my sometimes questionable proportions and perspective. I used Monet’s painting as a basis, as well as […]