Triskelion is a survival hack ‘n slash game in which you must survive as long as you can while elemental creatures seek your demise. The game is based in a compact level in which elemental minions and bosses spawn – you can defeat these using spells. While the elemental minions can be killed with your default primal spell, the bosses, however, can only be damaged by a spell of the element opposite to their own: fire defeats water, air defeats earth and vice versa.

The minions drop elemental energy upon death, which can be picked up by venturing into the mystic Spirit World, by going through the portal or using your Meditate ability. In the Spirit World, everything but you moves slower, energy can be collected and the spellcrafting table can also be found here. You can customize your spells on the crafting table to have the right element and modifiers, the latter of which you can use to optimally battle your enemies.

Returning from the Spirit World, where magic can’t be used, you may now use the spell(s) you crafted to defeat the bosses to gain experience and add to your score. If you gain enough experience, you may level up and gain a skill point, which can be spent in the skill tree to unlock and upgrade various (combat) abilities and buffs, like extra health or slots to store your spells in.


Technology involved

  • Unreal Engine 4 (Blueprints programming)
  • 3Ds Max
  • Photoshop
  • Sourcetree (Mercurial repository)

What did I do?

  • Game mechanics design
  • User Interface & related programming
    • Game HUD
    • Title screen
    • Skill tree
    • Spellcrafting interface
    • Settings
    • Loading screen
  • Audio & sound design
    • Original Soundtrack
    • Sound Effects
    • Vocals
  • Skill tree (design & programming)
  • Abilities (design & programming)
  • “Frozen Peak” map
  • Leveling & score system
  • Difficulty progression
  • Controller support
  • Some materials & post-processing