Weather is one of those features that can make your game feel closer to the real world, by increasing realism and making your game world feel more dynamic and alive. That is why I decided to create a Dynamic Weather System for Unreal Engine 4, which I named Zephyr after the Greek god of the west wind.

Zephyr serves as an Unreal Engine 4 content pack, and contains the following:

  • Master material (parent material affected by weather)
  • Foliage material
  • Water/Ice material
  • Reusable material functions (so you can choose which features to use)
  • Rain and snow
  • Weather master blueprint (UE4 blueprint that controls the weather settings)
  • Day-night cycle (including a custom skybox)
  • Seasonal cycle (automated weather, temperature, autumnal foliage colors)
  • Fog and clouds
  • Example scene with example materials, textures, etc.

Download Zephyr and the associated research paper/manual below! The current version was created in Unreal Engine 4.15, but can be updated to newer versions.